Pizzas – Niska Helsinki

Åland style Pizzas

Niska pizzas are made using a high-quality Ålands Mejeriet cheese blend and our very own tomato sauce. Most of the meat we use comes from the Åland Islands. We also have vegan pizzas. All of our pizzas and salads are available as gluten free.

Check out our menu and try our food! We also have a good selection of beverages.


Tomato sauce, cheese from ÅCA, real sauna smoked ham, fresh button mushrooms & rucola (L)
14 €

Tomato sauce, cheese from ÅCA, bell peppers, zucchini, blue cheese, thin slices of 
beetroot & spring onions (L)
15 €


CALZONE: Tomato sauce, cheese from ÅCA, real sauna smoked ham, blue cheese, 

black pepper, aioli & rucola (L)

16 €

Tomato sauce, cheese from ÅCA, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, herb oil & basil
12,50 €

Tomato sauce, cheese from ÅCA, chicken, bacon, tomatoes, red onion, aioli & rucola (L)
17 €


Tomato sauce, cheese from ÅCA, prosciutto, goat cheese, red onion, balsamico & rucola

17 €


Tomato sauce, cheese from ÅCA, cold smoked salmon, tomatoes, red onion, black 

pepper, horseradish crème & rucola (L)

6 €


Tomato sauce, cheese from ÅCA, goat cheese, tomatoes, red onion, balsamico & rucola

14 €

ESTER (vegan)

Tomato sauce, vegan cheese, red onion, cherry tomatoes, bell pepper, button 

mushrooms, herb oil, balsamico & rucola (L)

14 €


Tomato sauce, cheese from ÅCA, pulled beef, red onion, béarnaise sauce & rucola

15 €

Extra meat or cheese 2 €, others 1 €


KAROLINA (Recommended for sharing)

Pizza base, vanilla créme fraiche, cane sugar, fresh berries, honey, mint & lemon balm

16 €


All our salads are made with a salad mix, tomatoes, cucumber, marinated red onion and herb oil. The salads are served with a bread made from pizza dough.



GOAT CHEESE SALAD 15 € Add prosciutto +1 €

Choose a sauce:
Aioli (L)
Horseradish crème (L)
Balsamico (L)

Table reservations

We answer any table reservations by email. Please check your spam folder if you do not seem to get an answer from us. Any reservations for the same day can only be done by phoning the restaurant. Once your reservation has been confirmed, we will keep the table reserved for 20 minutes from the original time of arrival. Your table will be reserved for you for two (2) hours from your original time of arrival; if you want to stay for longer than that, please contact us by phone or enter your wish in the “Additional information” box. You can cancel your reservation by phone. Any changes concerning the same day must be made by phone.
We accept reservations with a maximum of 14 persons.

We are often busy at weekends and evenings, so we recommend that you make a reservation well in advance.