Niska Helsinki – our pizza restaurant’s story

Niska was created by top chef Michael Björklund

The Niska concept was conceived by Michael Björklund— who has also appeared in the popular Strömsö television programme – in a small restaurant in the port area of Mariehamn on the Åland Islands. Björklund wanted to start a new kind of pizza restaurant, a place where pizzas were made somewhat differently.

The raw materials had to be of excellent quality and mostly produced on Åland, and the menu simple but full of flavour. These pizzas became the heart of the restaurant. Salads were added to the menu as additional options. The first restaurant was opened in Mariehamn and the first restaurant to be kept open throughout the year in Turku, along the beautiful Aura river.

Smuggler and ship cabin atmosphere

The restaurant interior was created in the spirit of the famous smuggler, Algoth Niska. Niska was famous in Finland and Sweden as a liquor smuggler during the Prohibition. This atmosphere has been captured with fun details, such as freight boxes used for seats, and other choices of a marine nature.

Now we have opened a restaurant also in Kanavaranta in Helsinki. Stop by for a meal and to enjoy the atmosphere!